Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV), designed by the architect Arata Isozaki, was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing a platform for artists in residence as well as for a variety of art forms and cultural activities. AIAV’s main hall has a capacity of 300 and its residence hall can house 100, and the village also features a restaurant, seminar room, studios, gallery and café.

AIAV is located far away from the noise of everyday city life and is surrounded by natural resources. Isozaki himself referred to it as an “archipelago”, and it consists of many different facilities. The term ‘village’ suggests that AIAV is not a single giant building but rather a collective of small neighboring buildings reminiscent of a traditional Japanese village. Unlike its natural surroundings, which forms are continuously changing, the square formed architecture is rigorously composed and this particular juxtaposition makes the whole scape of AIAV picturesque.

Main Building

The main building has four floors and consists of the office, hall, seminar rooms, studios, gallery, café and amphitheater and all surrounded by natural forests. 。


The AIAV hall was designed solely for a piece of opera, namely Prometeo, which is produced by the master of contemporary music, Luigi Nono. It is a very unique hall, having three floors with the movable chairs on the first floor. Since this hall does not have a fixed formation, any place can be set to be a stage and allow the audience to see one work from different perspectives.

Seminar Room

The seminar rooms can be used for various activities from dance, music, visual art and play.


The gallery is facing the windows, which bring the natural light.

Residence Hall

The residence hall consists of eight 2 story buildings. There are 36 bedrooms in total: eight of them are western style and the rest is a Japanese style.


The exterior of the salon resembles a shape of dice. The architect, Arata Isozaki, originally designed it in 1964 for a private residence in Oita city, which is one of his signature works. There is a big glass window for you to enjoy the beautiful scape of AIAV.


The building is in a rectangular shape and made with marble stones, with a 14 meter high ceiling.

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