AIAV REPLAYS vol.1 AKIRA MORI 2005.5.27(Fri)~6.19(Sun)

AIAV proudly announces our new series of the exhibition called “AIAV replays”.
In this series, we replay the passed residence artist with their new or re-edited or unpublished works.

As an opening exhibition for this series, we invite the Japanese artist unit, Akira Mori.
Akira Mori consists of twin brothers, Yoshiaki Mori and Masaaki Mori. They have been working as solo artists before they become a unit.
In 1996 they decide to work together and have named Akira Mori for the unit, more to say an alter ego for the twins.
They are working with video, photography and, especially, with music based on their own sensibility to identity or sense of others.
This time they present two new sound installations and three re-edited video works.
And remixed version of the exhibited works are presented on the website, please click the thumbnail photos below.

organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village
supported by Yamaguchi Prefecture, The Yamaguchi Board of Education, Shuho-town, The Shuho Board of Education, Mine city,
The Mine Board of Education, Mito-town,The Mito Board of Education



Akiyoshidai International Art Village