"Leftside Boar Yabeyo Shopping Yuan Yuyon Yuyayuyon" Performance 2005.6.25(Sat)


Erin Gee、Toshiaki Tomita 、Filip Szatarski、Markus Wetzel、Jooyeon Park

●Artist Statement&Plan

Jooyeon Park

I have mainly been working with ephemeral materials and situations that i encounter while strolling along streets. In the process I have been connecting singular experiences, perspectives and ideas, operating on a small scale in the margins everywhere in our society. It usually starts out from the simplest objects, from everyday situations, basic banalities and I try to find the energy in the absolute detail of things to bringout unnoticed social relations and meanings. I constantly quest for simplicity, aiming for an art work that neither assault eye nor feelings. Video shots while strolling through urban areas, for example Parachute Walk (2001) and Forget me not (2000) condense the permanent flow of my everyday perception of objects and events. Forget me not is a story of an old lady who was been living in an old Ford Consul in a leafy area of London for almost 30 years. Her resistance to all attempts to move her into more comfortable accommodation has reinforced questions that I had vveen questioning in my work for sometime. Where dose one define as 'home' and how free are we of locating it within dominant social system? What are the links with the individual, society, and culture? Ever since I had moved to London at the age of 15 I have been going through a time of leaving and readapting into different social arrangements, relationships, langages, domestical patterns, and institutional organisations. Constant mobility under the influences of authoritarian and utilitarian forces challenges one's sense of everydayness, a sense of reality. Rhyme (2002), an extensive inventory of disposable packages that I collected from the streets of London, exhibited at the Insa Art Space of the Korean Culture and Art foundation in Seoul in 2002 problematised the idea of the everydayness that I had taken for granted for over a decade. Despite of therr length of time I had spent in the London city, dislocated from its origin they have become a collection of tourist's souvenir like objects. Its contextual shifts caused by physiological and psychological displacements have brought me series of research questions. How dose the physiological and psycological shifts effect everyday perception, place and presence? Instead of dwelling on refusal from the society how dose one as an artist/reseacher navigate and interrelate heterogeneous and fragmented factors experienced in-between different systems and dominant meanings in order to carry out productive artistic activities? How dose one sustain one's imtimacy and personal attachment of everyday / realty experience under the condition of mobility imposed by contemporary society?

Markus Wetzel

I'm living in New York since three years now and would like to leave USA. - First of all for political reasons. And since I was in Gwangju this year for the Biennale I'm even more fascinated about the world in Asia and I would like to understand more about the contemporary art there.

The two ideas I have for the time of the residency are both perfect because for both could my foreinness in Japan be a big chance since they deal with dreams from far away and their connection to the real world. Or it's a lot about finding a world somewhere else and trying to connect it with the world in which you are. To be a stranger is always that and can enforce dreams and in the same time bring them together with the real world and that's what art is in the end. So I think a time in the Akiyoshidai International Art Village can have a big impact for my work.
The Wetzel / Kippenberger subway net has to grow over the world and my island idea needs to be enhanced.
I think, this residency program sounds perfect for this, to be able to work and to have some contacts with interesting peoples!

Erin Gee

The mouthpieces are a series of vocal works which can be descrbed by the following statements :
Mouth as sound chamber bertween not a person and a non-person.

The qualities : light, porous, transluscent, buoyant, do not describe the non-person, the origin of the vocal production, but rather the interaction between the non-person, the qualities (physical properties) of the material it is in contact with and the characteristics if that interaction.

The Requirements for mouthpiece exist in the overlapping of the space between not-a-person and a non-person.

Non-linear phonological approaches represent vocal streams as multi-dimensional.
Non-vocal reflects vocal. An accoustical topology would illuminate the qualities of each domensional surface. Within the multi-dimensional transcription, there is an inherent hierarchy, and when dimensions are recombined, tone and aspiration become shadow sounds. Shadow to the developing authority of the hierarchy.

The growth of symmetry within the mouth negotiates this authority.

Through previous phonological inventries it can be determined that sounds tend to spread out evenly throughout the articulatory possibilities. Distribution within the resonantspace. Is this negotiation.

The mouthpiece separates itself completely from the theater of ther Loud, as it is impossible to separate loud + voice from its corresponding histrionic means.

I compose and perform works for voice ranging in size from solo voicde to voice and ensemble. The pieces are based on an inner stillness. No words are used, and the sounds are rather quiet, however, the organization of ther sounds is often based on ther organizational patterns found in language. The pieces are performed with two microphones and require a certain level of virtuosity, a speed, dexterity and flexibility of the mouth and voice. One microphone is used entirely for ,noise' sounds and the other is for sounds with pitch. The speed of the hands when moving the microphones towards and away from the mouth is necessarily analogous to the speed of the vocal sounds.

Filip Szatarski

... if it could be treated as an artistic statement ...it's passion for exploration ""human substances (qualities)" in different reality fields and enviromental conditions.
This exploration allows to observe their relative complexity dependend on questions or problems which one can pose to reality.
It si still the process of forming more and more complex language that can describe sublimation the entire world arond and that makes one able to ask more specific questions ...and the respect for not having or reciving any answer...


Toshiaki Tomita (fine-art / Japanese / Lives and works in Japan)

born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


B.A. oil painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

M.F.A. mural painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Studied Art in Los Angels (funded by Pola Art Foundation)

Works as a part-time teacher, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.


Vernacular Spirit / Aomori Contemprary Art Crntre, Aomori, Japan

Residence and Exhibition Project at Chongwu-town, Hui'an-district Qianzhou-city, Fujian-Province China.


"Menu for the Cafe", Kukan Jikkenshitsu, Aomori, Japan

"Primitive Man at Heart", Sannai Maruyama Ruins, Aomori, Japan
"Rainbow and Wind", "The Body of the Rainbow", Aomori Contemprary Art Crntre, Aomori, Japan
"An alternation",ARCUS communication program, Ibaraki, Japan

"Project for Blind Date", The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Self Introduce Game", "Story Telling Evening", Kunsthojskolen Pa Aero and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Denmark

"Spring in Desert", 1st Class, 3rd Grade, Sagamihara Shiritsu Ohnodai Primary School,


"Password : A Danish / Japanese Dialogue", Graphic Art and Tyler Graphics Archive Collection, Fukushima, Japan
"The road that dream passes", Artist's atelier, Kanagawa, Japan

"Vernacular Spirit" , Aomori Contemprary Art Crntre, Aomori, Japan
"Video Art Screening: TOKYO, Your Memorabilia", NICAF 2003, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

Blind Date / Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark
"Rhizome and Water", Galerie Omotesando, Tokyo

"Yokohama Triennale 2001"(with Kyoko Sawanobori and 1st Class, 3rd Grade, Sagamihara Shiritsu Ohnodai Primary School), Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan

"Screening Japan", Rum 46, Aarhus, and Hallo!, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Spring in Desert" , Galeria Rasen, Tokyo
"Izunagaoka Spa. Art Project", Shizuoka, Japan

"Chiba Art Now '99 : Laboratory of the Senses", supported by Koh Tsuji, Sakura City Museum, Chiba, Japan
"Contemporary East Asian Letter Arts", Seoul Arts Center Calligraphy Hall, Seoul, South Korea
Huayuan Newtown Hsintien-city, Taipei

"Weekly-Mansion Project", weekly Mansion Kibabotan West Part in 40, Tokyo
"I moved", Galerie Sol, Tokyo

"The Other Exiles", Garelia Rasen, Tokyo
Oneday Oneshow , Gallery 360°, Tokyo

"Graduate Drawing Exhibition", Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, University Gallery, Tokyo
"The Journy to the Original Spring", Awajicho Gallery, Tokyo

●Selected Bibliography

・Artist book
"SPRING IN DESERT" Center for Contemporary Grafic Art, Fukushima, 2001
Works on the Magazine
"KUSO NO SHIMA (Island of Imagenation)", Bijutsu Techo vol.49, no.747, July, Bijutsu Shuppansha Press, Tokyo, 1997, pp.30-33

Jooyeon Park ( fine-art / South Korean / Lives and works in South Korea )

lives and works in South Korea
2001 BA Gold simths' College, University of London
1996 MA Central St. Martines College, University of Arts London

●Previous working experiences

Fleelance English translator / Interpreter
(Prevously works include translation / interpretation for Disney and The American Enbassy in Seoul)

Contributing writer, International Herald Tribune / Joogang daily, Seoul
'Sensationalist or Adventurous', review on 'The British Contemporary Art' exhibition held at the Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea (November 7, 2003)
Lecturer, Summer term workshop, Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI), Seoul

●Solo Exhibitions

'New talents: young artists sponsership programme', Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
'Everything in its right place', Gallery Chosum, Seoul
'Jooyeon Park / Michael Euyoung Oh', Brain Factory, Seoul

'Jooyeon Park / Mihael Euyoung Oh', Access artists run centre, Vancouver, Canada

'Rhyme', Insa Art Space of the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul

●Group Exhibitions

'Style Lounge', Victoria & Albert Museum, London (forthcoming)
'Fotografia - Festival Internationale di Rome', Galleria Nextdoor, Rome (forthcoming)

'And others', Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
'Draw_drawing', Gallery 32, London Biennale, London
'Forum a special', Video art centre, Tokyo
'Three-person show', Gellery Chosun, Seoul
'Indoors', Pennybank, London
'New Face; Art in Culture bi-annual award', Dukwon Gallery, Seoul

'Presents', Ssamzie Space, Seoul
'Buffering', Art Sonje Centre, Seoul
'Crystallisation of time', Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
'Video Document', Ilju Art House, Seoul
'Park_ing', Marronier Art Centre of Koean Culture and Art Foundation, Seoul

'Art in public space', The Alternative Space Pool, Seoul
'Art Marathon', Ssamzie Space, Seoul
'Digital video diary', Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeonju, Jeonju
'Healing Society', Kwang-Wha-moon Gallery, Seoul

'Emotion of the Material', IFG, Ulm, Germany

●Grants / Awards

'Young Artists Sponsership Programme', supported by the German Government, the Art Cologne
'Documentary film project',supported by the Association of German Art Galleries, Germany
'Jooyeon Park / Michael Euyoung Oh', Supported by the Korean culture and Arts foundation oand the Paradise Arts Foundation grant, Seoul
'Art in Culture magazine bi-annual New Face award', seoul

'Jooyeon Park / Michael Euyoung Oh', Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council grant, Canada
'Jooyeon Park solo exhibition', The Insa art space of the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation National open call, supported by the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation grant, and the British council sponsership

'Emotion of the material', supported by the University of Ulm and the IFG, Germany

Markus Wetzel ( fine-art / Swiss / Lives and works in USA )

born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Fine Arts studies at Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst HFGK in Zurich

Preparatory art studies at Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst HFGK in Zurich

●Solo Exhibitions

Nicholson gallery, San Francisco

doncevansaanen gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland

wildbrook,Kunsthof, Zurich, inc. with U. Hartmann

CargoBar,Basel, Switzerland, inc. with U. Hartmann
an island,City gallery, Berne, Switzerland

Manor Kunstpreis 1996,Museum zu Allerheiligen (public art museum), Schaffhausen (catalog)
Projekt Feuerwehrzentrum (fire station art project), Schaffhausen (realized)

Sept. 11 - Oct. 9, 1996,Kunsthof, Zurich, inc. with U. Hartmann
6 1/2 weeks,Kombirama (exhibition space), Zurich, inc. with U. Hartmann

Mural in public area of the subway station "Schaffhauserplatz", Zurich

Bohrung, ... ev. Bilder, drillingaction and exhibition, Projektraum Hohlstrasse, Zurich Competiton, institute social / preventative medicine, Zurich University (1st prize award)

1993 ... ev, Bilder, Bohraktion und Ausstellung, VEBIKUS, Schaffhausen

●Group Exhibitions

downloaded, exex project space, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Landscape, Stux gallery, New York
Gwangju Biennale, Korea
ART UNLIMITED, Art Basel, Ernst Hilger gallery, Vienna
Cahier d'Artist, Museo Cantonale Lugano

Nicholson gallery, San Francisco
EXIT Biennial, EXITART, New York
Federal Arts Competition, Basel
URBAN DIARIES: Young Swiss Art, Alcala 31, Madrid, Spain, inc. with M. Weiss

Lorbeer-Extrakt, Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Living in motion, wildbrook,Vitra Designmuseum, Weil am Rhein, inc. with U. Hartmann

Purchases by the City of Zurich, Helmhaus collection, curators: P. Fischli, Ch. Schenker
Lovezone,m&m, Huerlimannareal, inc. with M. Weiss
zurich urban diary,Bob van Orsouw gallery, inc. with M. Weiss
eia popeia eironeia,Haus fY¨r Kunst (art museum), Uri, Switzerland
Larger than life, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow city gallery, Cracow, Poland, curator: Beate Engel

architectura biennale Venice, Italy (catalog), curator: Harm Lux
Utopie,city gallery B?blingen, Germany (catalog), curator: Eva Froitzheim
m&m Projekt,Kreuzlingen high-school, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, inc. with M. Weiss
m&m,Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Switzerland, inc. with M. Weiss, curator: Dorothea Strauss
on the spot,city gallery and kiosk, Berne, curators: Beate Engel, Katrien Reist
Version_2000 (catalog), Geneva, Switzerland, Curator: Simon Lamuniere
wrong time/wrong place,Kaskadenkondensator (dynamic art space), Basel

Fellowships for the Arts sponsored by the City of Zurich (grant), Helmhaus, Zurich
mondo immaginario,Shedhalle (exhibition hall), Zurich
Insel (Island),Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen

Aperobar,Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen
Hoellentor, freie Sicht aufs Mittelmeer, Kunsthaus, Zurich, inc. with Ch. Schreiber
Morphing 2,KLINIK (former exhibition center), Zurich
"Cafe Cinema",Morphing 3, KLINIK, inc. with U. Hartmann

Fellowship for the Arts sponsored by the City of Zurich (art studio in Paris, France), Helmhaus
Nebelmeer,Galerie HOTEL, Zurich, inc. with Ch. Schreiber

Dark Matter,exterior mural, Field (exhibition space), Zypressenstrasse 71, Zurich
Zona Cesarini,Kulturzentrum Kammgarn (cultural center), Schaffhausen
Centre PasquART, Schweizer Kunstklassen (featured Swiss artists), Biel, Switzerland

dipl.,Diploma production, Schoellrareal (former cultural center), SBK, Zurich

Eine Klasse Fuer sich, Kunsthof Zurich
Competition, institute social / preventative medicine, Zurich University (1 st prize award)

Rot o.T. 93, Bahnhoafstrasse Zurich, Feldpausch (1st prize award, realized)

●menber, studio program, etc

ISCP Studio program, New York

Grant for an art studio in New York

Member of the curator team at the Kleines Helmhaus (public exhibition center) in Zurich

Grant for an artist studio in Paris

Artprojects in Northern Norway

●Awards, Fellowships

Cahier d'Artist (sponsered catalog, Pro Helvetica)
ISCP studio, New York, U.S.A., sponsert by the City / Canton Schaffhausen
Federal Grant of Arts of Switzerland

Grant by the City of Zurich

Grant by the City of Zurich

Grant by the City of Zurich

Grant by the City of Zurich

Manor Kunstpreis, Schaffhausen

●project series "Kunst am Bau" (realized)

Swisscard, Zurich

Unteraugeri school, Unteraugeri, Switzerland, with M. Weiss

Wildbrook, Zurich, living project, with U. Hartmann

m&m Projekt, Kreuzlingen high-school, Switzerland, with M. Weiss

Feuerwehrzentrum, Schaffhausen

Feldpausch Bahnhofstrasse, Roter Kubus, Zurich

Erin Gee (music,performance / American / Lives and works in Austria)


2001 - current
Doctrate work at the University for music, Beat Furrer, Graz, Austria

Master classes w/ Chaya Czernovin

Master classes w/ Mathias Spahlinger (2 semesters)

M.M. Univeersity of Iowa

International summer school of contemporary music Darmstadt, Germany

June in Baffalo New Music Festival - master classes : Aaron Jay Kernis, Jukka Tiensuu

Honors and highest distinction, B.M., University of Iowa, Iowa City


Bludenz Tage für Zeitgemässe Music

Ensenble Klangforum Wien

Minoritensaal Graz (player piano)
Janne Rättyä (accrdion)

University for Music and Dramatic Arts Graz

Annette - Barbara Vogel (Violin)

Lee Ferguson (percussion)

Duo Contour


Diskurs04, solo, score for Shane Belles, "The Canary Variations", Giessen, Ger.
with Ensemble Kiangform Wein, Vienna
Kunsthaus Bregenz w/ Tone Fink (visual artist)
with Piktogramm, Graz
with Szene Instrumental, Graz
Radio Orange, Vienna
Klavierautomat, commissionsed work for new player piano, Graz, Vienna

Hörfest, Graz
Klanggriffe, Karlsruhe
Day of Tolerance, Graz
Musik Protokoll, Klangforum Wien, Graz
Akademie Schoss Solitude, Ensemble Surplus, Stuttgart

Artist residensy in Stift St. Lambrecht
MATA Festival, New York City

Darmstadt Summer Couses for Neue Musik
RAT International Theater Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia

Midwest Composer's Symposium

●Academic Posisitions / Professional Work

2001 - current
Private piano instruction

improvisor's Orchestra, member, University of Iowa

Advisor - Hormouth workshop with Children's Theater Company, Minneapolis

Teaching Assistantship, University of Iowa

Composer and Founding Member, Graffiti Theatre

●Grants, Awards

Rislov Foundation Scholarship
Impuls Composition Prize

Scholarship Summer Academy Schloss Solitude
Micheal Ziehrer Scholarship, Graz Austria

Scholarship, University for Musik, Graz for Damstadt Ferienkurse
Rislov Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship, Huddersfield Festival of New Musik, England
Graduate College Research Grant, University of Iowa
Graduate Student Senate Research Grant, University of Iowa
Performance Award, Graduate Student Senate, University of Iowa

Pelzer Award for composition, University of Iowa
Scholarship for the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Darmstadt
Fine Arts Grant, University of Iowa

Filip Szatarski (dance / Polish / Lives and works in Austria)


Kung-fu training (Ymaa Martial Art Asocciation Poland), styles: White crane, Long-fist, Tai-Chi, Shing-ji.

Acrobatic Facultet on Physical University in Gdansk, Poland

study of literature-Gdansk University, Poland

Diploma of civilization and literature-Paris Solbone University, France

High School of International Relationship in Gdynia

●Work experiences

member of Dada von Bzdulow Theatre in Poland (regular classes, workshops, performances in Poland and Europe)

Municipal Theatre of Witold Gombrowicz in Gdynia, Poland (regular performances, developing acting techniques, work with voice)

Tanz Hotel Wien (Katharsis, Suite, Grosse Fuge performed in Odeon Theatre Wien)

Sebastian's Prantl Tanz Atelier Wien (H+H performed in Odeon Theatre Wien)
Compagnie Smafu Wien (production for children festival-"Szene Bunte Wahne" performed in Europe, Turkey)

Choreography for Municipal Theatre in Gdynia, Poland (Composition of "stage movement" of five), called "The children of red devils"
Oddyseas project, soloistic approched work (link)


Theatrical Stypendium of Gdansk City-Project "Badz mi opoka"-choreography and dramaturgie consultation

Squating Project supervised by Jenifer Lacey and Nadia Faro

●Solo Works

"Bath Baby", production for Baltic Dance Festival, Gdansk, Poland with Milena Rewinska

"Circle nad Cross", productikon for Korporacja Dance Festival, Gdansk, Poland with Tae Hee Kim

"Tumor", production for Korporacja Dance Festival with Celine Bacque

"Vitol", project for Polish Institute in Vienna baseing on Witold Gombrowwicz dramas

●Interests Literature, Langages, Acting techniques

●Langages Polish (native), English and French (fluent), German (intermediate)

"Leftside Boar Yabeyo Shopping Yuan Yuyon Yuyayuyon" Performance


19:00 -