FAYL; Kingdom of play! 2007.4.8(Sun)

Just one day kingdom of the play appears in AIAV!!

■Special GAME developed by artists

Artists develops game to play. Let's enjoy the game.
・Place:Somewhere in AIAV
※If it rains, the site might be change. Please check information.

■Let's experience the play of old play and the foreign countrys play!

・Place:Seminar room 3, Amphitheatre

■rucksack market(free market)

・Place:Greensward in front of main building

■Video art works like game

"Shushi from space" Loic Sturani
"Spoon Bending Arabic Girls" Takayuki Yamamoto
"Gidence Room" Keiichi Miyagawa + Jesper James Alvaer
"Super Kodo vol.1 “Fu Rai Ko”" Ritsuko Fujiki

FAYL; Kingdom of play!


10:00 - 17:00


Akiyoshidai International Art Village