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lighting doodle

Pika Pika Project by TOCHKA(artists unit)

Tochka is an artists unit mainly works in Kansai area.
It's a lighting doodle project! Let's get together and make a work of art by using Maglignt and mobile phone. Every 15 seconds your light drawing is shoot by digital camera, and then make it up an animation movie.


TOCHKA is a creative unit that acts by NagataTakeshi and MonnoKazue.
They make animation films , graphics and comics since 1998. They are awarded the Multimedia grand-prix 1999 in CGsection, and nominated Annecy Animation Film Festival 2000 and Holland Animation Film Festival 2000. Participating in various group shows and projects. For example showing in [capaty in caphouse] kobe japan 2001,[animation soup] osaka japan 2000 to 2002, [BIGART movie festa vol1~3] in yokohama japan 1999 to 2002, [SCRATCH TILE] yokohama japan 2002 and [Move on Asia]principal cities in korea and japan. Participating in animation film project [RELIGIONS SAUVAGES] produced by Le Dernier Cri in Marseille France.

organaizer : Akiyoshidai International Art Village
support : Yamaguchi prefecture, The Yamaguchi board of education, Shuho town, Shuho town board of education, Mito town, Mito town board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education

aiav art room TOCHKA ; Pika Pika Project!



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apply:mail, fax and e-mail
Please make a title "pika pika project workshop", and write down the name, age, addrress and telephone number of all participants.

contact:Akiyoshidai International Art Village
50 Akiyoshi, Shuhotown, Mine-gun, Yamaguchi, 754-0511
tel:0837-63-0020, fax:0827-63-0021,

Brandnew works by TOCHKA inspired by the neibour landscapes such as Akiyoshidai-plateay and Akiyoshido-cave are shown at AIAV's gallery now, together with workshop participant's animation works by "PIKA PIKA" method.
It is coloful, rythmical, and great to see how the people enjoying to creating the animatin with light ning doodle!!