Artist In Residence Program trails May, 2008 - Feb, 2009

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organaizer : Akiyoshidai International Art Village
support : Yamaguchi prefecture, The Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education
suponsor: Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

Artist In Residence Program trails

Date:May, 2008 - Feb, 2009

■project06:Ingrid Hora "I wake up still feeling the wind on my arms."
[residence] Oct. 10, 2008(Fri.) - Nov. 11, 2008(Tue.)
[Exhibition] Nov. 8, 2008(Sat.) - Nov. 16, 2008(Sun.) 10:30-17:00(Vernisage 15:30-18:00)@2F gallery
[Gallery Talk + Reception] Nov. 8, 2008(Sat.) 16:00-18:00 100JPY with drink & snack @2F gallery & 1F cafe

■project05:Tadashi Kawamata + Coalmine Lab. "Coal Mine×Ube Art"
[FieldTrip] Oct. 18(Sat)
1 day bus tour with the navigation by Tadashi Kawamata & Coalmine Lab.

■project04:Michael Fowler "Sesshutei as an spacial Model"
8ch Sound Installation with Performance by Rap-top, Synthesiser and more.
Sep.25(Thu.)18;20-19:30 AIAV Outdoor yard

■Project03:Heini NUKARI & Jorg FAHLENCAMP
[Residence]Sep.15 - Oct.21
"INSIGHT OUT HEAR TO SEE" Oct.11(Sat.) - Oct.20(Mon)
AIAV Gallery 10:30-17:00
Opening on 11th from 16:00, with Heini Nukari's live performance from 17:00

■project02;Chikako WATANABE Survival net Project "Knitting Club in Yamaguchi - Let's knit the survival net!"
1. Aug. 8, 2008(Fri) 10:00-12:00 Suo Oshima cultural exchange center
2. Aug. 9, 2008(Sat) 13:00-15:00 Shimonoseki Commonwarf wood stage

■project01;Charles LIM "It's not that I forgot, but rather I chose not to mention"
Jun. 7, 2008(Sat)-Jun. 22, 2008(Sun)
MAY. 14, 2008(Wed)-Jun. 12, 2008(Thr)


Akiyoshidai International Art Village and other places in Yamaguchi pref.