aiav art room HOME-MADE STORY Jul. 26, 2009 (Sun)

Find out your treasure in your home and then we collect your treasure and the story behind it to make a short movie.

[For the workshop]
+ find out your treasure in your home.
+ take a picuture of it (when you take photos, keep your treasure as it was before.)
+ send a picture by e-mail to
*bring your treasure for the workshop please.
+ resaerch your treasure.
- when, where and how you get it?
- Whon own it now?
- where you keep it in your home?
- why you think it your treasure?
- what kind of memory or story your treasure has?

[schedule of workshop]
1. reseach your treasure again.
2. write down texts about the treasure and the sotry behind it.
3. shooting!! let us know about your treasure in front of video camera.
4. screening of the movie.


SHITAMICHI Motoyuki ( artist / photographer )


1978 born in Okayama,Japan
2001 Graduate Shool of Musashino Art University (oil painting)
2007-2008 Cite International des Arts (Paris,France)


2006 『RIDER HOUSE』(photograph+text/11p)
   magazine『spectator』vol.15(Editorial Department)
2003-05 『Bunkers』(photograph+text)serial photo,total 4 times
2005 『Bunkers』(little more)photo book

2001 『Musasino』(exhibit LIVE/Tokyo,Japan)
2003 『Bunkers』(whap/Tokyo,Japan)
2005 『Bunkers』(INAXgallery2/Tokyo,Japan)
2007 『Picturess』(ShinzyukuGankagallery/Tokyo,Japan)
2008 『Mémoires de guerre』(Espase Japon/Paris,France)
2008 『Fantomes』(Espase Japon/Paris,France)

2005 『HIDEN DIMENTION』(Tamada PROJECT/Tokyo,Japan)
2006 『Re-Fort PROJECT Exhibition』(Nakazaki Tohru Playroom/Tokyo,Japan)
2007 『GELDSCHEISSER IN VAULT』(The old Bank of Japan/Hiroshima,Japan)
2008 『ATOMIC SUNSHIN』(New York-USA, TOKYO-Japan)
2008 『VOCA』(The Ueno Royal museum/Tokyo,Japan)
2009 『ATOMIC SUNSHIN』(The Okinawa Prefectural Museum of Art/Okinawa,Japan)

2003- 『Re-Fort PROJECT 1-4』(Japan)

organaizer : Akiyoshidai International Art Village
support : Yamaguchi prefecture, The Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education

aiav art room HOME-MADE STORY

Date:Jul. 26, 2009 (Sun)

10:30 - 15:30


Akiyoshidai International Art Village Gallery etc.




[number of participants]
20 people (over 6 years old)
[how to apply]
send necessary information like your name, address, age, sex, telephone number, e-mail etc. bypostcard or e-mail to aiav.
Jul. 23, 2009(thu)

[inquiry & application]
50. akiyoshi, shuho-cho, mine-city, yamaguchi, 754-0511
Akiyoshidai International Art Village
tel: 0837-63-0020
fax: 0837-63-0021