aiav art room Sound, Form, Session -Music for Walking in the Cave Jun. 27, 2009(Sat) - Jun. 28, 2009(Sun)

illustration:Keisuke YAMAO

electronic music workshop / field recording + Live session

[Music for walking in the cave] is a workshop for exploring the sound through field recording and live session. The participants collect materials like sounds, feeling of time and distance, and make a session with the score from the cave.


Masashi Heirakugi / G-RECORD / electronic musician, designer

[Associate Artist]
Yasuyuki Nakamura / programmer, designer

organaizer : Akiyoshidai International Art Village
support : Yamaguchi prefecture, The Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education, Akiyoshi-do 100th anniversary festival planning committee
co-operation : Akiyoshi-dai Museum of Natural History

aiav art room Sound, Form, Session -Music for Walking in the Cave

Date:Jun. 27, 2009(Sat) - Jun. 28, 2009(Sun)

2days workshop


Akiyoshidai International Art Village Seminar Room 2 (workshop, live session)
Akiyoshi-do cave (field recording)


3,500JPY *include 1st day's lunch and 2 day's breakfast & lunch)


[how to apply]
Please send the necessary information written below by Fax or e-mail.
Name / Age / address / TEL / FAX / e-mail / whether you can bring your own laptop or not

[inquiry and application]
Akiyoshidai International Art Village
50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-city, Yamaguchi, 754-0051
TEL +81-(0)837-63-0020 FAX +81-(0)837-63-0021