trans_2009-2010 Takehito Shiina Workshop 2010 January 16, Saturday


Takehito Shiina Workshop!
trans_2009-2010 residence artist, Takehito Shiina, holds a moulding workshop. Participants will mould a part of their body with Shiina. The moulded bodies will be combined with his installation, which will be shown at the exhibition in March 2010. Contact us for further details.


Takehito Shiina
Born in Hanamaki, Iwate, Japan. 1973
Lives and works in Sendai, Japan

1999 M.A. in Sculpture, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1997 B.A. in Sculpture, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

[Solo Exhibitions]
2006 "Summer Weeds", What's Art Gallery, Sendai
2006 "Starring You", Switch-Point, Tokyo
2004 "Volcanoes Firing Mine", Ausstellungsraum Taubenstrasse 13, Hamburg
2004 "Planaria", Ningyo-cho Exhibit Space Vision's, Tokyo
2003 "Slimez Mansion", Free Space Praha, Sapporo
2001 "Hot Spot Plan Report", What's Art Gallery, Sendai
2001 "Hot Spot Plan Report", Temporary Space, Sapporo
1999 "Clay System *Lava Mix*", Yokohama Galleria Bellini Hill, Yokohama
1999 "Call to the Dead", Gallery Tapio, Sapporo
1998 "B.P.", Gallery Natsuka b.p, Ginza, Tokyo

2008- “The Photosynthesizer Hypothesis”, Sendai, Japan
2007- “Urato Drift”, The Urato Islands, Shiogama/Miyagi, Japan
2007 “Kappa Complex”, Ibaraki, Japan
2000- “Kazan-yaki”, Hawaii (U.S.), Hokkaido (Japan), Aeolian Islands (Italy)
1998- “Call the Dead up”, Tokyo, Aomori, Yamagata, Japan

2003 Selected to New Art Competition of Miyagi, Miyagi Prefecture
2003 Prize for Excellence in Kirin Art Award 2003, Kirin Brewery Company, Limited
2003 Grand Prize in The 7th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
1995 Ikuo Hirayama Prize, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

2009 “Shodoshima AIR 2009 spring”, Syodoshima, Kagawa, Japan
2007 “ARCUS Project 2007 Ibaraki”, Moriya, Ibaraki, Japan

2009 Performance dedicated to Kanji Itoi, "Sendai Street Affair, Korosuna, dandelion in right foot", Sendai
2009 Solo Performance, "Melon in left chest", "Photosynthesizers", Pangaea, Sendai
2009 Solo Performance, "Wild strawberry in left arm", "Mt.Izumigatake/UFO",
2009 "Shinya Takatori 'Our usual nightmare ep' release party" ADD, Sendai
2008 Performance with Judith Egger, "Long Chopsticks", "A Day in a Life -DIAL", ZKMax, Munich/Sendai
2003 Performance with Hiro Ota in his solo exhibition "Sabisirazu", Temporary Space, Sapporo
2003 Performance with Hiro Ota, "Hirou-en (A Garden of Fatigue)", Free Space Praha, Sapporo
2002 Performance "Programming the Slime, Grooming the Robots ", Yuubari Creations Center, Yuubari
2001 Performance with Hiro Ota, "Hot Spot Plan Report", What's Art Gallery, Sendai
2001 Performance with Hiro Ota, "Hot Spot Plan Report", Temporary Space, Sapporo
2001 Performance with Hiro Ota, "Nen Do Nabe", Free Space Praha, Sapporo

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Organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Supported by Yamaguchi prefecture, The Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education, Embajada de la Republica Argentina Japon, Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V., Tokyo, Goethe-Institut Osaka

trans_2009-2010 Takehito Shiina Workshop

Date:2010 January 16, Saturday

First Group 10:30 - 13:00
Second Group 13:00 - 16:00


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Sachiko Uchiyama and Junko Tsukada
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