trans_2009-2010 artist in residence support program 10 January 2010 - 20 March 2010

Visual Artists / Australia / Live and work in Berlin and Sydney
Healy and Cordeiro are currently based in Berlin and Sydney but regularly on the move to work for different projects in different cities and countries. They both studied Fine Art at University of New South Wales in Sydney and produced various dynamic installations inside and outside the gallery exploring the issues of architecture, nomadism and space invasion since they started the collaboration in 2001. In 2009, Healy and Cordeiro co-represented Australia at the 53rd Venice Biennale and gained international attention. At AIAV, the pair will use Lego bricks to reconstruct the image of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986 in order to explore how we differently and commonly interpret this tragedy, which was broadcasted live worldwide.

Valeria Roxana PRIMOST
Dancer / Argentina-Italy / Lives and works in Italy
Born in Argentina, Primost started dancing since the age of six and obtained various trainings of physical expression. In 2007, she danced for “floor of the forest”, choreographed by Trisha Brown’s, at Kassel documenta12 in Germany. While moving from Buenos Aires, Amsterdam to Berlin, she has integrated dance as a means to communicate with diverse cultures, delivered a venturous performance in public space and also collaborated with musicians and artists. At AIAV, Primost will work with the local musicians and dancers, produce video and photographic works and conduct a dance workshop.

Takehito SHIINA
Visual Artist / Japan / Lives and works in Japan
With his signature work, “Kazan-Yaki” (magma firings), Shiina received notable attention in the art world. Living and working in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture in Japan, he explores how the anecdote, folklore and dream interact and affect how we percept reality by examining different human senses, such as visual, aural, intuition and memory. He transforms his research into sculptural, video and installation works. Since 2008, Shiina has started the project “photosynthesizer”, in which he attempts to create a hybrid between human and nature and enquires its possibility to be a source for the better world. Shiina will produce the sculptural work, which echoes with the land of Akiyoshidai and also conduct a molding workshop.

Organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Supported by Yamaguchi prefecture, The Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education, Embajada de la Republica Argentina Japon, Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V., Tokyo, Goethe-Institut Osaka

trans_2009-2010 artist in residence support program

Date:10 January 2010 - 20 March 2010

Akiyoshidai International Art Village


Sachiko Uchiyama and Junko Tsukada
Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residence Program : trans_2009_2010
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image top left: Valeria Roxana PRIMOST "Born in Spring" Danza Nomade project (2008)
image top right: Takehito SHIINA "The Photosynthesizers" (2009)
image bottom: Claire HEALY and Sean CORDEIRO, "Life Span" (2009)