Lost in Translation, Dorota Podlaska Nov.23, 2012 - Jan. 13, 2013

Lost in Translation is a story which narration is created not by me, but by many
different people, strangers met randomly on streets of Warsaw. It is written with useof different languages and alphabets. Every day I carried my sketchbook and tried tofind foreigners who would agree to invent new episode of the story and write it downin their own language. I added an illustration to these short texts and I was looking foranother person to continue the story. As the story is written in different languages it isimpossible to understand texts, viewers have to imagine their own version of events.

In Akiyoshidai everyone is invited to continue the story. Please, use provided
materials and feel free to add new heroes, adventures, episodes.


Dorota Podlaska
graduated in painting from the Faculty of Fine Art of Nicolaus Copernicus University.
While a student she was invlolved with several art gourps such as Naprzod, Yach-Film
where she created video art and realized happenings.
She currently lives and works in Warsaw.

Organaizer: Aikyoshidai International Art Village,
Auspices: Yamaguchi Prefeture, Yamaguchi board of educaiton, Mine-city board of education
Cooperator: Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland)

Lost in Translation, Dorota Podlaska

Date:Nov.23, 2012 - Jan. 13, 2013

Closed on Dec.29, 2012- Jan.3, 2013


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