Residence Support Program trans_2013-2014

1) Genre
Q. Are contemporary dance choreographers encouraged to apply?

A. Yes, this call is open for all artists, performers, musicians, choreographers and any creative individuals in all genre.

2) Theme
Q. Regarding the theme, The Features of this Land, can you please elaborate. I did not find a description anywhere in the guidelines. Is the theme open to artistic interpretation? Is it suppose to refer to the geography of Japan? Is it referring to environmental issues or nature? I'd like to get a better idea before I propose a project.

A. Yes, the theme is open to applicants' artistic interpretation.
For better understanding about the area and activities in the past, you can visit websites below for your reference.
Please visit these websites as reference for your proposal.

- Akiyoshidai International Art Village Blog
- Mine tourism guide
- Yamaguchi Prefecture

3) Application by a group consisting of foreign and Japanese national
Q. I would like to apply as a group of two. One of us is a foreigner and the other is a japanese national. Are we eligible to apply in the foreigner group?

A. For a group consisting of foreign national and Japanese national, AIAV will review the application form based on the nationality of the group
leader. So, please indicate which of you are the leader of the group.

4) Portfolio by a group
Q. As the group's leader is expected to fill in the form, does that mean that the portfolio should focus on the work of the group's leader or his/her collaborative work with the other member of the group?

A. The portfolio should express the collaborative group work. However, if each of you also separately works and hasn’t had enough collaborative projects, please also include individual portfolio clearly stated by which artist created it but the total numbers of the portfolio must be up to 10 images.

5) Application form by a group
Q. Should the name of the other member be mentioned? Is it expected that his/her cv and portfolio are also added to the application?

A. If you apply as a group, please fill out application forms (page 1) individually as well and send both application forms together to us. You can send 1 proposal to us as a group.

For a group of two artists, please keep the followings in mind.
- Production expense is ¥200,000 for the group.
- 1 room and 1 studio space will be provided to the group.
- Each member of the group will receive per diem individually
(¥2,800 x days of the program per person).

6) Age of eligibility
Q. Can I still apply even if I will be 41 years old by January next year?

A.Applicants who are born on and after April 1 in 1973 are eligible to apply for this time.